Forouzan Nazari and Antony Dixon are interested in a cross-sensory perception of space and matter. Their human scale pieces speak of domestic furniture and the body. Crafted elements are interrupted by oozing substance, protruding hair or lines of thread projecting through space from one structure to the next. They are concerned with the human experience of space as expanding territory and how that is understood through the linguistic interface of the senses, as new environments are explored. 

Their collaboration arises from their iInterested in what they term improvisation and the equilibrium of difference. Working with the tension of the other, their difference and the cultural forces around them. They navigate, test, critique, examine, and challenge one another through the necessity of negotiating diverse ideas and agendas. Improvisation provides a platform for mutual respect and trust, enabling them to surrender their contributions to one another and maintain a state of becoming. This heterogeneous interaction is folded into their co-creative production, manifesting new and unexpected solutions.