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down here on the ground

As a shared space since 1949, Cannizaro Park has transitioned from singular ownership to collective ownership. A place that is now open to all to cross its boundary and enjoy. With this work I am interested in exploring people’s movement across territories and how connections to other territories can be made through this migration. 


Working with a group of artists, we each made a 16”sq cast of the ground. Points between Cannizaro Park, Wimbledon Library and Wimbledon College of Arts were chosen to cast. In the surface of each cast the artist has place a 2D object. The time place of each cast has been recorded alongside the time and place of the artist’s original encounter with the 2D object. Additionally, a copy of the 2D object has been placed in the location of the cast.


Artist: Charlie Lang 


Time: 15.50  14/03/2016

Location: 51°25'19.5"N 0°12'53.0"W

2D object:

Time: 09.30 13/03/2016

Location: 51°21'35.9"N 0°11'25.5"W


Artist: Jacquelyn Hodges


Time: 11.50  15/03/2016

Location: 51°25'10.4"N 0°13'24.7"W

2D object:

Time: 10.30  08/11/2014

Location: 34°03'02.7"N 118°15'20.4"W


Artist: Qianqian Cai 


Time: 13,30  15/03/2016

Location: 51°25'23.7"N 0°13'17.7"W

2D object:

Time:14.30  20/05/2016

Location: 28°04'08.7"N 120°30'20.0"E and 30°11'20.1"N 120°09'50.8"E


Artist: Sarah Hawley


Time: 15.00  14/03/2016

Location: 51°25'20.0"N 0°12'37.6"W

2D object:

Time: 11.20 23/12/2015

Location: 43°38'44.2"N 79°24'42.2"W


Artist: Antony Dixon


Time: 14.30 15/03/2016

Location: 51°25'22.7"N 0°13'58.0"W

2D object:

Time: 12.30  30/05/1985

Location: 51°07'50.7"N 2°59'51.4"W


Artist: Jing Guo


Time: 12.45  15/03/2016

Location: 51°25'16.2"N 0°13'36.5"W

2D object:

Time: 13.15  21/07/2015

Location: 23°01'05.2"N 113°06'32.4"E


Artist: Johnny Fox


Time: 13.45 14/03/2016

Location: 51°25'01.2"N 0°12'28.5"W

2D object:


Location: 34°07'06.3"N 116°26'59.7"W


Artist: Inkyung Whang 


Time: 14.30 15/03/2016

Location: 51°25'17.9"N 0°13'36.6"W

2D object:

Time:17.00 07/03/2016

Location: 51°30'28.2"N 0°05'58.2"W


Artist: Fiona Mountney


Time: 14.20

Location: 51°25'20.3"N 0°12'31.1"W

2D object:

Time: 16.00  02/04/2005

Location: 54°16'18.8"N 8°28'17.5"W


Artist: Forouzan Nazari


Time: 10.30

Location: 51°24'52.7"N 0°12'44.9"W

2D object:

Time: 11.15  11/01/2010

Location: 36°09'57.4"N 58°49'19.9"E


Artist: Andrea Coltman


Time: 11.30 14/03/2016

Location: 51°24'49.2"N 0°12'41.0"W

2D object:

Time: 7.14 09/02/16

Location: 51°22'23.6"N 0°05'22.5"E


Artist: Antony Dixon


Time: 15.30  19/03/2016

Location: 51°24'46.9"N 0°12'39.9"W

2D object:

Time: 15.30  19/03/1988

Location: 51°25'30.0"N 0°13'53.0"W


Artist: Frederic Anderson


Time: 14.00 14th March 2016 

Location: 51°25'11.8"N 0°12'22.5"W

2D object:

Time: 9th October 2014

Location: 44°53'54.9"N 8°12'02.2"E 


Artist: Dimitri Yin


Time: 16.00 17/03/2016

Location: 51°25'21.5"N 0°13'02.3"W

2D object: explain 

Time: 01.30 22/05/2010

Location: 48°52'53.5"N 2°20'14.9"E


Artist: Yuting Wang


Time: 15.00 15/03/2016

Location: 51°25'04.7"N 0°13'05.5"W

2D object:

Time:16.00 18/12/2014

Location: 39°56'13.1"N 116°24'11.2"E


Artist: SiRu Zhao 


Time: 11.00 15/03/2016

Location: 51°24'57.0"N 0°12'50.3"W

2D object:

Time:  12.00  14/03/2016S

Location: 51°25'25.7"N 0°08'59.9"W

Photography by Fiona Mountney

Fiona Mountney

Qianqian Cai

Frederic Anderson

Forouzan Nazari

Sarah Hawley

Antony Dixon

Johnny Fox

Siru Zhao

Charlie Lang

Jing Guo

Andrea Coltman

Yuting Wang

Dimitri Yin

Inkyung Whang

Antony Dixon

Jacquelyn Hodges


22nd April 2016

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